I have talent!

Dear Journal,

Both Ms. Karen and Auntie Lisa think I should be a journalist! Auntie Lisa thinks I should go cover the news in Afghanistan, and really get to the bottom of things. But I’m a lover, not a fighter. I don’t like wars at all. I am much too sensitive of a dog for that. When the Mamas quarreled, it would make me sick to my stomach, so now they don’t do it in front of me anymore. Besides, I would much rather spend time socializing and giving wags and licks and making everybody feel good. That’s why I’m the Ambassador of Goodwill in my neighborhood.

Hmmm…maybe I have found my calling afterall. I am going to interview every single celebrity I can find. I will get started on that first thing tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “I have talent!

    • Bassa!! I bet you’re the Ambassador of Goodwill for the whole country of Georgia! I think you should write to the Governor and see if you can get a badge or something. Will you share? I want a badge!

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