Celebrity Interview: Cousin Chester!

I’m going to follow Long Life Cats and Dogs‘ advice and interview celebrity dogs for a while until I hone my skills. I think my interview with Beatrice would have gone much better if I knew how to interview her like a real journalist. So today, I bring you Cousin Chester! Chester is Uncle Brian’s dog! Cousin Chester isn’t a celebrity yet, but since he’s my cousin I love him anyway! Even though he’s a boy and smells like one.

Madeleine Bartel: Chester, for the record, can you please tell us how old you are in dog years?
Chester Wozniak: I am 9 and a half in dog years.

MB: How did your human Dad discover you? Did he notice you right away?
CW: He found me at the Berkeley Humane Society. I had just gotten to the shelter and he came in that day and said right away that he wanted to take me home. I kept biting him because I thought he would like it, but I don’t think he did. We left the Humane Society we went over to Aunt Linda and Michelle’s house so I could meet my new cousins Madeleine and Gingersnap!

MB: Are there any daily chores that you have to perform? How do you feel about that?
CW: I used to have to stay in my crate all day while Dad was at work. It wasn’t too bad since I always had a toy and a nice soft bed to sleep on. Now Dad leaves me out in the living room. It is nice to have more space but every time he comes home and sees how I pulled new strings out of the carpet, he doesn’t seem impressed. I like hanging out in the living room better than being in my crate.

MB: Do you get to have any fun?
CW: We go for walks everyday and I LOVE playing with my friends in the complex. I used to play with Emil mostly but now Maki and I play together all the time.

MB: How do you feel about having me as your favorite cousin? It’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?
CW: Yes, you are a great cousin. I love running around and chasing you in your grassy yard. I love playing with Cousin Gingersnap! too. Yes, It is pretty awesome.


5 thoughts on “Celebrity Interview: Cousin Chester!

  1. Oh that last picture is just a delight and what a fantastic interview you did. I must admit, I had the same carpet (and furniture) threading problem with Litchi when I first rescued her but, fear not, they do grow out of it.

    See, dogs are so much more willing to chat. Thanks for the link back – that is really awesome of you!

    • That is such a cute name — Litchi!! You’re right, dogs are much more agreeable to these things. I’ll have to keep the interviews short, though. I noticed that Chester’s attention started to wane after Question 3. My Mama said that unless I have treats readily available, it will be difficult for dogs to maintain focus.

  2. Hey MB
    Good job on this one!
    The questions really flowed. I really felt like I got to know Chester. I think you just might be on to a new career. Also I would like to discuss with u the possibility of a talk show. The new tv season starts in sept. Just remember, I’ll be working as your agent/manager and the usual 10% cut will apply. Let’s talk…. Xoxo. T

    • Oooh, a talk show for dogs! What a terrific idea! I still need to get in a lot of practice, you know. I gotta find a few more celebrities to work on. Maybe even get in a human or two. Of course you’ll be my manager agent. And I would be more than happy to share any treats along the way! Guess I’d better get started on new material right away!

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