I need some direction in life!

Dear Paws to Talk,

My Big Sis Madeleine and I are super close. I have always depended on her since the first day the Mamas brought me home as a wee pup. She is my role model — I learned everything from her. What she does, I do. But now it feels like I am always trying to catch up to her. It started with Madeleine having a No. 1 Fan. (She actually has two now.) Thank Dog that Auntie Peggy stepped in and saved me by being my No. 1 Fan. Then the other day Madeleine announced that Tara is her BFF. I thought **I** was her BFF. And now Madeleine has a new career as a journalist, interviewing celebrities.

Bella and DiDi, you always have good advice to give. What I should I do? Should I go get a BFF? Should I try to find a career? I’m not very talented like my Big Sis. I can barely twirl for a cookie. I need some direction in life!




4 thoughts on “I need some direction in life!

  1. Oh Gingersnap, don’t feel too bad. I bet there are many things you can do, that you haven’t even tried yet, because you’ve been so busy following Madeleine. Use this time to figure out what your unique talents are. She’ll come back to you soon.

  2. Gingersnap, everyone is unique and there is no need to be envious or in awe of others. You wrote this heartfelt post, which shows you are a good writer and a thinker. Good qualities.

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