Happy Birthday Grandmaw B!

Mama L. was really excited about her new body lotion until we kept following her around trying to lick it off her legs. We can’t help it! She smells like a coconut cream pie!

But that’s not why we are writing this post. The Mamas said that today is your birthday and we just want to tell you we love you!!!


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Grandmaw B!

  1. It’s already August 29, 2013, Mama L’s birthday! Happy Birthday, Mama L! Little G and Madeleine, I have missed you and your Mama L — Elle! I hope you are all celebrating today with lots of ice cream and other treats that dogs don’t usually get.

    I have been busy with family, work and travels. Everything except work has had dogs. To compensate, the people at my new work all talk about their dogs all day long. In the past year and a half, I became a dog grandma! My granddog was a sweet rescue girl dog named Carson, who was 5 years old. Carson l-o-v-e-d being with her new mama, Amy, daddy, Joe, and little girl pal, Emily. Everybody in the family happily took her on her walks and picked up her poop. When Carson came to my house, she settled right in, even though I have a tiny space and a miffed kitty lurking in a closet. Alas, dear Carson must have had something wrong with her for a long time. It just was not possible for her to tell her people. After only 10 months, she succumbed (I hope you don’t know what that means, Little G), and now is gone. Everyone, including I, was very sad. We miss Carson a lot.

    On our travels, we saw Charlie, the dog from Spain who now lives in England (and sometimes Scotland). His mommy, Julie, thought that Charlie only could understand people language if it was Spanish. So, when she moved in with fellow-Scotsman, Tom, Julie put up post-its around the house translating Charlie’s “commands” for Tom, such as “sientate” for “sit.” One day, Tom wanted to demonstrate how smart Charlie was, so he said, “Sit, Charlie.” Of course, Charlie sat. That family also has a little girl, Rosie, who was born after Charlie, so of course, has loved him forever. One day, when it was time for Charlie’s snack, Julie said, “Sientate, Charlie.” Charlie promptly sat, facing the cupboard where his doggie snacks are kept. At the same time, wee Rosie plopped down on her diapered bottom and pointed her tiny finger at the cupboard where HER snack is kept!

    Over in Ireland, we saw many dogs, all keeping very busy. Some dogs make their own rounds to the pubs, and are greeted as regulars by the people there. We also saw dogs making sure that sheep went in the right place, and chasing them and nipping at their heels if they didn’t. Those dogs looked like they were having lots of fun! (I have a picture to attach for you, but don’t know how. I will send it to Mama L by email.

    I hope that you girls have been having fun and being good. (Of course you’ve been good, I’m sure.) Lots of love to you and to your birthday mama.

    Still Your Number One Fan, Auntie Peggy
    ps: I have been seeing Auntie Iris — on the way to work and at work!

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