Doggles and Green Beef Tripe!

Dear Ms. Karen,

Mama L. must be feeling really guilty about throwing me into the bath after I rolled in possum poop, because, guess what? She bought us Doggles and Green Tripe!

First, let’s be clear. I was much more excited about the Green Beef Tripe than being a fashionista. Mama L. had that same scrunched up nose squinty eyes disgusted look on her face when she first opened up the can of green tripe. As soon as that aroma wafted up into her nostrils, she held that can as far away as she physically could while dishing it out onto our plates. But I know that’s how much she loves us. By many accounts, green tripe is possibly the best thing you could ever feed your dog. She wouldn’t let a little smell get in the way.

Of course, breakfast was gone in a matter of seconds. I have always prided myself in being a little lady when it comes to meals. I always show the proper etiquette of politely nibbling the food to let Mama know that I am not a pig. Unlike Gingersnap! who consumes every meal in less than 18 seconds. We know this because Mama L. actually timed her. That said, WOW!!  I just couldn’t control myself when she put that plate of tripe down for us. I have never had food quite that good ever before!!

For Christmas, (and I have been a very good dog all year), I would like for Santa to deliver five thousand cases of green tripe. It can be from cows, deer, buffalo, lamb. I’m not picky.

Well, I guess we can now discuss the Doggles. I blame Little G! for this. First, she’s always squinting lovingly at the Mamas when the sun is out. This caused Mama M. to exclaim that they need to provide UV protection for us. Then there was that romp at the beach when Gingersnap! got sand in every orifice imaginable! Naturally the Mamas decided that Doggles are the way to go.

They don’t feel that great. I think they’re too big for my head. Maybe I’m just not used to them yet. I do look kinda cool, though, don’t you think? Like one of those dogs that is ready for adventure at a moment’s notice. Should I ask Mama L. for a motorcycle helmet, do you think?


Dear Journal,

My sister slandered me by telling the world that I was scared of snow. I am not scared of snow. I am not scared of anything. I was barking only because I was amused at how the little tiny trees on the ground covered with snow looked like little human beings. Seriously. I was not scared.

What does scare me, though, is that the Mamas have been doing way too much research on the things that dogs can or cannot eat ever since my little operation. OK, I get it. Clumping kitty litter, not OK. But rawhide? Come on! It’s almost natural, right? Isn’t it raw + hide!

Mama L. found several websites saying how bad it is to give us rawhide. Apparently it’s not even real — they add chemicals to it. And if chunks of it are swallowed, it could expand up to four times its original size and could cause blockage.

In the wild, canines eat the organs first, then the meat and muscle, and then they (maybe) gnaw on the bones to get at the marrow. The hide is almost always left behind.

Well, there goes another one of our treats. At least our pizzles are still on the good list:

“Bully Sticks also known as Bully’s, beef stick or pizzles, are a dog treat made from a dried bull’s penis. Since it is all beef, these are 100% digestible. There have been no known reports of  bully sticks producing problems which are often associated with rawhide, cow’s hooves and other chewy treats, such as choking or bowel obstruction.”

Here are some links: