Jacob, the Cow…..

Here’s my Buddahson for Halloween. Too bad his dad couldn’t take a better picture, like, say, with his face showing…..


Dear Diary,

I had to go to the spa all by myself because Big Sis still has stitches in her stomach and she can’t be bathed until they come out. (And she is getting a little stinky too, but I would never tell her that, coz she is so sensitive, that girl.) I was really nervous about being there by myself because I have never been without Madeleine before. I tried to velcro to Mama M., but it didn’t work and they whisked me away anyway. I was so relieved when Mama M. came to get me that I jumped all over her and she kept yelling “Off Off Off”. But I didn’t care coz I was so happy to go home!

The Mamas like to snurfle with me after a day at the spa coz I smell so good! I threw myself on the bed and gave them my belly so they can blow raspberries like they usually do. But this time, Mama M. laughs so hard and said I look like a centerfold girl! Is that a good thing? Well, she’s laughing so it can’t be bad, right?

I have teenage acne! I didn’t even know I had it until Mama M. squealed when she saw them under my chin, and Mama L. promptly pinned me down and applied a salve with calendula in it! It smelled pretty good and I wanted to taste it, but guess what? My tongue doesn’t go that way! I never knew that. I can do pretty much anything with my tongue except to clean the bottom of my chin.

Today is Howloween and I hope to Dog that the Mamas won’t dress us up in silly costumes again. I can’t rely on Big Sis for this one because she actually LIKES to wear things. They might just dress us up though; there’s some photo contest going on for the cutest/spookiest pets. Here is last year’s winner, but I┬áthink she’s much cuter than she is spooky.