Happy 52nd Birthday, Auntie Iris!! (TODAY!)

We’ve just about to run out of treats from all the birthdays, but we want you to know that we love you MORE THAN ALL THE PIZZLES IN THE WORLD!!!

That’s how special you are to us!


Dear Journal,

My sister slandered me by telling the world that I was scared of snow. I am not scared of snow. I am not scared of anything. I was barking only because I was amused at how the little tiny trees on the ground covered with snow looked like little human beings. Seriously. I was not scared.

What does scare me, though, is that the Mamas have been doing way too much research on the things that dogs can or cannot eat ever since my little operation. OK, I get it. Clumping kitty litter, not OK. But rawhide? Come on! It’s almost natural, right? Isn’t it raw + hide!

Mama L. found several websites saying how bad it is to give us rawhide. Apparently it’s not even real — they add chemicals to it. And if chunks of it are swallowed, it could expand up to four times its original size and could cause blockage.

In the wild, canines eat the organs first, then the meat and muscle, and then they (maybe) gnaw on the bones to get at the marrow. The hide is almost always left behind.

Well, there goes another one of our treats. At least our pizzles are still on the good list:

“Bully Sticks also known as Bully’s, beef stick or pizzles, are a dog treat made from a dried bull’s penis. Since it is all beef, these are 100% digestible. There have been no known reports of  bully sticks producing problems which are often associated with rawhide, cow’s hooves and other chewy treats, such as choking or bowel obstruction.”

Here are some links:

http://www.pawfun.com/2009/03/is-rawhide-safe-for-your-dog/ http://www.bestbullysticks.com/blog/dog-news/is-rawhide-safe-for-dogs/ http://www.k911.biz/Petsafety/RawhideandChewyTreats.htm