Doggone Tired!

Dear Grandpaw Dwight,

ginger nappingThe weather has started to change, and we are now noticing how much sooner it starts to get dark outside. There’s a bit of a chill in the air the last few days. We can almost smell autumn coming. Mama L. had to unpack her sweaters that she had just put away. This morning she put on sweat pants instead of her usual shorts to take us outside — you know she is not too happy about that. There’s been talk of moving to some place called The Tropics.

the gang at the glass houseWe apologize for not having written sooner. The truth is we have been so doggone tired from all the activities that have been happening since August, and there is no sign of them slowing down. Mama L. said that our social calendar is completely booked through the middle of November. They have been going from one bridal shower or birthday party or wedding or a brunch to the next. This weekend we are all heading up to Truckee to celebrate Auntie Julie’s birthday!

glass house hikeThis all started off with the Mamas’ anniversary mid August, and Mama L’s birthday at the end of the month. They had decided that we would go back to the Glass House for a long weekend. We had been there before and we loved it (except for when the Mamas tried to drown us in the lake). Charissa and Chip and Lisa and Charlie came too, along with Madeleine’s BFF Tara. We all had a really terrific time! We still went for those really long hikes, but this time the Mamas knew better than to force us to learn how to swim.

Then there was Mama M’s 40th big birthday celebration, and Grandmaw and Grandpaw B.ocean beach, san francisco were here, along with Uncle Dennis Jr and his girlfriend Jen. We only got to hang out with the Gramps for the first day because right after that we got shuffled off to the kennel. The Mamas said there were going to be drinking and dancing and swimming and too many people around. Plus, dogs aren’t allowed in the house they were staying in. We think that was a bunch of baloney — why would you want to stay in a place with no dogs — but decided that we needed a vacation of our own. We really like Citizen Canine a lot. They take such good care of us there, and there are always new friends to be made.

After Grandmaw and Grandpaw B. left, Mama M picked us up from the kennel and boy, didgolden gate bridge we give her an earful! But that was alright since the next few days were a lot of fun since JR and Jen came back to the house and stayed with us. They gave us lots of attention.

Mama L. has been trying to design a website for her work, so we don’t really get to blog as much these days. But we would love to hear from you! Mama said you might be coming down to visit us soon. If you are, you’d better give us a call so we can fit you into their very busy calendar! We want to make sure we get to see you!


Happy Birthday Tara!

Tara is my BFF and I had the chance to sit down and interview her on her birthday:

Madeleine Bartel: How old are you today? Do you feel any wiser or just older?
Tara Goldin: I plead the 5th!

MB: That bow is very fetching on you, Tara. Is blue your favorite color? Do you have a favorite outfit?
TG: I like blue. But everything looks so damn good on me.

MB: When and how were you discovered? Did your Mama fall in love with you as soon as she laid eyes on you?
TG: I was one of 7 siblings. I was so beautiful I stood out instantly. I was destined for stardom.

MB: It must be very difficult to deal with stardom on a daily basis. How do you keep your adoring fans at bay?
TG: I don’t deal with it, my agent does.

MB: Is it difficult for you to keep your figure? What do you do for exercise?
TG: I have a personal pilates trainer.


MB: Do you have any advice for young lassies like us?
TG: Just remember anyone going slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster is a maniac!!

I’m an adult now!

Dear Journal,

We just celebrated my third birthday, and the Mamas said that I am an adult now! The Mamas said that humans usually celebrate their adult birthdays by drinking lots of alcohol, but I just wanted a burger! And lots of love and adoration! We had a fantastic day. The Mamas and Auntie Lisa and Tara and Gingersnap! and I went for a long hike up at the cemetary — one of my favorite places. It was a lovely day, not too hot, and the view from the top is spectacular. And to round it off, I did get my burger afterall. Happy Birthday to me!!