Mama L. hasn’t been right since she came back from Utah. There’s something wrong with her head. Which is why she completely forgot to send you great birthday wishes, Auntie Peggy, even though I reminded her several times that you’re still my No. 1 Fan!

Yesterday she told me that she has a sinus infection, not a head cold, so it’s not supposed to be contageous. But Big Sis Madeleine has been sick the whole week ever since the Mamas came home. And I’m positive it’s not coming out of her head. And why would they call it an “infection” if it’s not infectious, I ask you?

With Big Sis being sick means that Mama L. is not getting a whole lot of sleep coz she kept having to wake up in the middle of the night to take Madeleine outside. Which also might explain why Mama L. has been so crabby and snappy and irritable. She grumbled at the smallest thing! This morning I wanted to say hello to the hippies’ Mr. Attack Cat but apparently I was taking too long, and Mama L. grumbled at me! He usually hangs out in the yard just before the scary monster, Mr. Sprinkler’s yard. I haven’t seen Mr. Sprinkler in a while so maybe Mr. Attack Cat chased him away. Anyway, I was just trying to be friends with him, because if he did chase scary Mr. Sprinkler away then he is a friend of mine!

Well, I hope you had a terrific birthday anyway! Mama L. (when she was feeling a little  better) told me that this was supposed to be a terrific year for all Virginians or Virgonians or something like that, and that you are one, so this is gonna be a great year for you!

Love, Gingersnap!





3 thoughts on “HAPPY (very belated) BIRTHDAY, AUNTIE PEGGY!!!

  1. Dear Little G!

    What a dear birthday greeting you sent me! And with two happy-dog pictures! Anybody can plainly see why you, dear Gingersnap!, have a Number One Fan — and it’s me! Thank you for thinking of me — another of your Virgoeans, or Virginians! I did have a very nice birthday, thank you. I went to the same part of West Marin that your mamas went to. Had a sumptuous lunch at the Pelican Inn at Muir Beach, hiked around a bit (not nearly the super trail that your mamas did), and spent a lazy, foggy afternoon on the beach, helping Emily (age 7) collect driftwood, rocks and seaweed for a “sculpture” she was building.
    Speaking of seaweed, thanks for the tip that Mama L. was bringing me bags of kansai salad. I did act surprised when she gave them to me. She was very sweet to get them for me! I made an amazing salad following Mama L.’s recipe, with some variations (see other reply). Sarah loved it too. She was able to identify the three alphabets on the package and sound out or translate some of the words. I used three handfuls of dried seaweed, and it was all gone in a day.
    I do hope that your Mama L. is feeling better. Sounds like she caught a nasty something. Hope that Big Sis is feeling better too. It’s good that Mama M. could made hot toddys (ies?) to help Mama L. feel better. Whiskey and lemon and honey, oh my! Good for sick people. Probably not so good for dogs.
    How are your adventures with your neighbors? I recommend that you be careful around Mr. Attack Cat. And you might find out that Mr. Sprinkler is a nice neighbor to have, especially on a hot day!
    Auntie Peggy

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