Marinated artichokes

In a recent Costco trip with Mom, I bought one these gigantic jars of marinated artichokes.

As much as I love them in pasta or on pizza, there’s only so much you can eat.

65 ounces is a whole lot of chokes. And the jar won’t fit in the fridge with all the other stuff vying for room and attention.

I started looking for recipes on the internet. I’ll probably make hot artichoke dip to bring over for Thanksgiving…but I will still have at least a half a jar left over. If you have any other creative ideas, please send them to me!

(And, yes, this is what I think about when I’m at work.)


5 thoughts on “Marinated artichokes

  1. Have them in: omelets, frittatas, crab casserole (w. shallots,garlic, amontillado and grated cheese), chicken fricassee, tempura’d with a spicy sauce, on a toothpick with water chestnuts, linguini with clams, cold potato salad, green salad, on a toothpick with prosciutto or serrano ham

    Enjoy them in the winter, have them in the fall; it may not be till summer that you finally eat them all.

  2. Dear Auntie Peggy,

    Could you please post the recipe for crab casserole? I love crab! Mama L. doesn’t share it very often, so if you could post the recipe maybe she’ll make it and give us some! Also, what is amontillado? Mama L. doesn’t know what it is and I can’t pronounce it.

    Love, Gingernsnap!

    • Dear Bassa,

      We haven’t tried artichokes either. Mama L. is not sure if we can have marinated artichokes, but ever since the Madeleine incident she is not too keen on giving us any food at all.



  3. Poor Gingersnap!

    I hope that now that the holidays are here, you and Big Sis will get some yummy Christmas cookies to eat. Much better than marinated artichokes for you!

    Please tell Mama L. that amontillado is a medium sherry. It’s very nice for sipping and she can find a reasonable bottle at Trader Joe’s.

    Much love,
    Auntie Peggy

    ps: No chewing on the Christmas tree!

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