Celebrity Interview: Ruffles!!!

I needed a short vacation since I’ve been working so hard at these celebrity interviews. I am now rested and refreshed, and ready to go at it again! Recently, I got a chance to catch up with Ruffles – a real-life celebrity – whose Mommy and Mama L. used to work together. Here is his story!

Don’t Shop, Adopt

Hello Madeleine,

My mommy helped me write up responses to your questions; it’s so hard to get on the computer with these huge paws of mine. I think that you make an excellent journalist. Mommy and I read your blog all the time and we love the probing questions that you keep asking. 🙂 We really want to come out and meet you in person sometime soon. Maybe we can even skype sometime.

We’ve attached some cool photos. Hope you enjoy them. I sent one from summer camp last summer and then another of me right after I got groomed and I was looking especially handsome, one of the time when cousin Anne Magaret caught me hiding between the pillows on mommy’s bed (while she was at work, although I knew I wasn’t allowed in the bed), and another of the bumper sticker on mommy’s car. She’s so happy that she adopted me, although it feels like I adopted her. I love my forever home here in Annapolis, so I sent a picture that we took when we went out for brunch this weekend.

Ruffles Sleeping On Forbidden Bed

Madeleine Bartel: Ruffles, for the record, can you please tell us how old you are? Do you know when your birthday is? How do you celebrate?

Ruffles Larson: I’m 6 and three quarters, I’m going to be 7 on November 7th. Everyone says that I look great for my age because I’m so full of energy. I’m also the fastest dog at the doggie park. I run circles around the other little guys. Mommy always gets me my favorite treats and takes me to Brusters for a doggie sundae for my birthday.

Camping Ruff

MB: Now, what are you exactly? My BFF looks like a cocker spaniel but her Mama said she’s a Cavalier.

RL: My vet says that I’m a Lhasa Apso Terrier mix. The terrier part of me gives me my long legs and makes me super fast so the other doggies at the park can’t keep up with me.

Clean Ruff

MB: How often do you get groomed? Do you like it or is the whole ordeal pretty traumatic?

RL: I get groomed every three months or so. Mommy has Dave the groomer come to the house and he trims me in the kitchen then washes me in the tub. It’s really not that traumatic and I love being pampered. And whenever I get groomed all the girls pay attention to me when we go to the doggie park. I love the ladies. 🙂

Guarding Christmas Presents

MB: I understand you made headline news recently. Are you enjoying your stardom? Has it gone to your head yet?

RL: I’m a simple, humble guy so I’m dealing really well with the fame. Muddy Paws dog wash where Mommy takes me sometimes put a copy of the newspaper article up on the bulletin board and they even gave me a free wash the last time that we went in. I’m so glad that Mommy got something out of my fame (I know that I’m a little expensive). 🙂

New Life Jacket

MB: How do you feel about your Mama naming you after a potato chip?

RL: I love my new name, the people at the shelter called me Rendari but I didn’t know what it meant or where it came from and it just confused me a lot. I love when Mommy calls me Ruff, it makes me feel all grown up and it makes the big doggies respect me. I love potato chips and I love my new name too. 🙂

Ruffles Out Sailing

MB: Do you have any advice for dogs like us who want to try their paws at boating?

RL: I have to be honest Madeleine, I was very nervous about getting in the canoe but Mommy stayed close to me and helped me to feel safe. Plus with my new life jacket I knew that I’d stay afloat if I fell overboard. I think that every doggie should give boating a chance, your Mommy will love it as well, I promise you.

Tired After Agility Course

By the way I have my own email address so feel free to email me direcly if you have any follow up questions. Have a great night!


Happy 42nd Birthday, Uncle Shteeven! (August 1, 2012)

It’s probably not a giant milestone for you, but we want you to know that we love you MORE THAN ALL JERKY TREATS IN THE WORLD!!

Well, at least in the USA with all the hoopla over chicken treats made in China making all the dogs sick or dead. Now Mama L. has to make us homemade jerky. We’re not complaining, since we LOVE homemade jerky, but that’s now less time we get to play Laser Light and Mr. Squeaky Lion. Anyway, that’s why we LOVE YOU MORE THAN ALL THE JERKY TREATS IN THE WORLD!!!

Dear Auntie Peggy,

Mama L. brought home your treat and said it was the BEST panettone she has ever had in her entire life. From what very little we could see, it looked great and it smelled delicious! But Mama L. said I couldn’t have any because I’m a Dog and you had told her she can’t share your treat with dogs. I don’t think it’s fair at all. I thought you were my No. 1 Fan! Is it because I haven’t written anything in a very long time that you forgot about me? What if I promise to catch up on that tonight? Then can I have some panettone?



RIP Annabelle!

Today we said goodbye to Annabelle. She was born in April 1998. She would have been 13-1/2 years old this month. She was the runt in a feral litter of nine, the smallest and the smartest one of the bunch.

In the prime of her life, before the diabetes got the best of her, Annabelle used to hunt and fought ferocious battles. One time she brought home an avocado pit that she had wrestled with for quite a while. Another time she came home with dirty muddy paws, evidence of a fierce battle with an ill-fated potato and dropped it in the middle of the kitchen floor.

She loved liver and bacon treats. She’d roll over for tummy rubs. She hated being brushed. She loved her heated bed. She never minded the dogs. She loved being inside boxes and bags.

Grandpaw Dwight called and wished her well on her journey. She was his favorite cat. Datie said she had long deserved her kitty wings and should be on her way. Auntie Juniper came with us to the vet to say our final goodbyes. Juniper was there when we first met Annabelle, many many years ago.

We will miss that silly girl.